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High-risk drivers almost always have difficulties to acquire insurance from the standard auto coverage market. Standard approval procedures involve a lot of things such as DMV records, previous involvement in road incidents, past insurance activities (claims or late payments), and credit score. Their best bet is to seek insurance from a non-standard market, and this is where Fred Loya Insurance comes in. The company has been in the auto insurance industry for more than 40 years now, and it has more than 700 branch offices all across Texas (headquarter), Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, and Ohio.

Fred Loya Insurance specializes on high-risk drivers

Regardless of their past driving behaviors or credit score, approval is easy, and it requires only basic personal data such as name, address, professions, car models, gender, and average mileage. Most customers purchase state’s minimum coverage requirements which may include Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, and Personal Injury Protection. Each state has different requirements and minimum limits, so it is best to consult local DMV about it.


Most non-standard auto insurance only offers the bare coverage requirement, yet Loya Insurance Company provides additional coverage as well, collision, Comprehensive, and Medical Payments. Specific auto insurance coverage options are the most important factors that affect the rate, but there are also some other little details to add or maybe reduce the total premium. For examples:

• Deductible: it is the amount of money that policyholders pay in case they have accidents. This way, the insurance company only needs to pay the remaining amount. For example, a driver rear ends a policyholder’s car. Damage to the policyholder’s vehicle is worth $500. He has a deductible of $200, so the insurance company only needs to give $300 payout. More deductible means a lower premium.

• Age: for some companies, young drivers do not have enough experience to handle a car on the road; hence they are prone to accident. Young drivers tend to pay more premium rate.

• Demographic: it covers several variables for examples address, the crime rate in the neighborhood, and professions. People who live in big cities tend to pay more on insurance because insurance companies think they are prone to accident. With more cars on the road, risk of accidents gets higher as well. A neighborhood with high crime rate indicates risks of vandalism and theft, so insurers charge more for their services.

• Previous claims: a driver with history of multiple claims often pays more expensive premiums. To avoid records of recurrent claims, sometimes policyholder handles/repair minor damages out of their own pocket. It is better to spend a little bit on repair than pay higher insurance bill on a regular basis.

• DMV records: every type of traffic violation goes into DMV records, both minor and major ones. A record full of tickets affects insurance rate to a great extent. In the worst scenario, these records can result in application denial.

• Car models: the formula is simple with this. Sport/luxurious cars are more expensive to insure. However, expensive cars sometimes can be cheaper when they have a complete range of safety features.

• Multiple drivers: an insurance policy can list two drivers. The cost is more expensive than one driver but cheaper than two separate policies for two drivers.

Apart from those, policyholders should not forget about discounts

Many insurers offer discounts for drivers who take defensive driver course or install additional safety features on their vehicles. Auto insurance seems to be a complex thing with a lot of jargons, but everyone can always consult insurance agents to understand all aspects of it. Please do not hesitate to visit Fred Loya Insurance branch offices for more information. There are more than 700 of them, and all are in easy-to-access public locations.

Not every car insurance company gives the same level of customer service
Be a smart buyer and do online research to figure out which one is best. Everyone has personal preferences as well, so a specific insurer that works well for someone does not always mean the same thing to another. A smart buyer always compares prices but understands that price is not the only thing to consider.

Customer service is another crucial factor
It makes no sense to purchase the cheapest available insurance from a company that has no history of good customer service. Auto insurance is useful whenever policyholder has to file claims, so customer service should be a priority. The first thing to do in a claim process is to call the insurer’s representative or submit the report to an online form. Without good customer service department, it can take too long to get any feedback.


Loya Auto Insurance handles this in two different ways
1. Direct reports: because there are hundreds of branch offices in public places, policyholders can visit and file claims in a direct manner. In the office, the policyholder has the chance to explain the situation as clear as possible to company’s representatives. Agents are also able to provide better and more reasonable answers on how the company handles the situation. Policyholders can also visit the branch offices for other procedures such as applications, payments, and renewal.

2. Online report: another way is to report online, but it is only necessary during holidays or after hours. It allows policyholders to file claims any time any day.

Good customer service should be the number 1 factor that all customers look into. All the policies and payments mean nothing if the insurers handles all claims in clumsy and irresponsive ways.

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